Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take time for yourself!

One of my other loves is painting and cartooning, but there is never any time, so I decided to take some time and make a little oil painting. It is a 10x10" canvas. I really enjoyed myself. Okay that felt good, I am definately going to take some time just for me every week!
We should probably all make a little extra time for us... even if we have to fit it into a tight schedule. Don't you agree!
"Unwrap each day as if it were a special gift", because it is!

Have a great day and take some time for yourself!
Hugss, Caroline

For Sale In My Etsy Store

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Necklace in my Etsy store!

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice weekend! I don't make too many necklaces, but I just added a couple to my etsy store @ candy4me.etsy.com
This is my second love, Doll making is my first! I love to create only one of a kind pieces with a Victorian flair. Come visit if you have a chance! Take care... Hugss, Caroline

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crystal, Mermaid Of The Lake Doll Pattern Now Available!

Crystal, Mermaid Of The Lake Doll Pattern now available!
I finally finished her!
She is a 21" all cloth doll pattern. It is such a large pattern I had to put it on a CD, however I also include a printed supply list, 7 pages of pattern pieces and the cover in a ziplock bag.
Her face has a lot of sculpting and detail with coloring. I have included 30 pages of easy to follow Step-by-Step directions with 76 color photos! Wow... it was very time consuming (not to mention fun).... this is the way I would like to recieve a new pattern.
She is available for sale... in my ebay store @ stores.ebay.com/carolines-handmades also in my ETSY store @ candy4me.etsy.com and will soon be available @ dollmakersjourney.com
I hope you like her!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Close up of Crystal, Mermaid of the Lake

This is a close up of Crystal so you can see the detailed sculpting and painting. What do you think?


"Crystal, Mermaid Of The Lake" 2009

Hi, Please meet "Crystal, Mermaid of the Lake", she is my newest creation....
She is approximately 20" long, is all cloth and has a very detailed sculpted and painted face.
She will be available in a pattern/CD shortly...
Please, tell me what you think!
Hugss, Caroline