Monday, February 27, 2012

New Pattern under construction...

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well!!

Just wanted to let you know that I have a New Pattern under construction.
Since so many of you asked about including a ready made face with my pattern, I decided to do just that. The pattern is a flat face doll pattern and it will have a face that you can print directly onto the fabric your using to construct the doll... "no sculpting"... easy, easy, easy... Oh and there will not be any toes to worry about either. I'm constructing her to have painted on shoes.
She is going to be "my version" of Red Riding Hood... The face and body are complete. I am in the process of designing her costume... the fun part... woo-hoo! I will keep you posted.

Love to all,

Some of my newest OOAK Brooches

These are just a few of my latest one of a kind creations.
My jewelry pieces are offered in both of my shops listed below:
Please stop by for a visit if you have a chance.
Love to all,

New Accent Pillow complete Feb. 2012

I just had to share my newest Angel in the Flowers accent pillow. Created with silk ribbon embroidery, beading and hours of hand work... what fun!
Caroline xxx

Crystal Mermaid Pattern, doll made by Sandra Carole Kent

Hi everyone...
I just had to share this beautiful doll by Sandra Carole Kent who lives in
United Kingdom, created using my Crystal Mermaid Doll Pattern...
A+++ all the way! Super job Sandra!
Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous Mermaid Doll Sandra!