Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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New Doll & Display are finished

She is finally finished along with her mini enchanted garden display! I still haven't given her a name, (she would like the name Corina)... we'll see! Now I will start on the written instructions for her, since she will be available in a pattern soon! Thanks for stopping by! Caroline

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Display in the making for new doll & pattern

Hi everyone! I decided to make a small magical scene for my doll. I started with wood base, dowel and wooden doll head then covered it all with the plaster sheets, what a mess! I let it dry over night, now I am going to decoupage tiny pieces of tissue paper onto it. I want the doll to stand and hold onto the pole, tree, staff or whatever I end up making it and ofcourse there is a hole drilled for her wire armature to fit. We'll see what happens... now you know as much as me! Gotta run!
Hope you have a super weekend! Take care, Caroline

Angels and Bubbles Cameo Brooch For Sale!

This new handmade cameo brooch/pendant is on auction this weekend at my eBay store, just follow the link.
The porcelain cameo I used is a Vintage cameo and I could only get one, I just love the image with Angels and Cherubs blowing Bubbles... how sweet!
Have a great weekend! Hugss, Caroline

Monday, June 8, 2009

She is coming along

Her head piece is just about complete. She still needs her fake eyelashes and crystal eyeliner! I love the colors offset with the bleached blond hair! Her finger nails and toe nails have purple polish to match her outfit. I have bee doing a lot of beadwork all over her... lots of detail!
Tomorrow I will start on her display. I have a couple of ideas, you will just have to check back to see how it ends up!
Still not sure of a name yet.... but I do have 1 name so far! I hope you like her!
Hugss, Caroline

Saturday, June 6, 2009

She's got hair

She's a bleached blond... don't tell anyone its not natural! The purple turbin really make her eyes pop. She almost seems to have a different expression on her face... LOL
Gotta get back to her head piece!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now she looks like an alien

Everyone always asks me how I do my hair and head pieces. Well first I like to wire the head.
What women have to go through to look beautiful... even my little ladies!
Doll Hugss,

She is going to be a Sparkling Gyspy!

Her costume is coming along! You can't tell by the picture but I just made a tiny bolero jacket with lots of sequins. I love the purple and teal colors together.
She is getting there!
I hope everyone is well!
I just had to replace my computers screen monitor.... what a pain!
Take care,