Saturday, April 24, 2010

China Tea Cup/Saucer Pincushion PROJECT

I have seen a few of these Shabby Victorian Style China Tea Cup and Saucer Pin Cusions... Oooh La La!!! I just love them, so naturally I had to make one. I had feathers flying all over the place and I sure made a mess looking for little treasures to add to it. I may have added a few too many, because now there isn't enough room for pins... LOL!!!! I really don't think anyone would use it for a pin cusion anyway, its too pretty!
Its sooo easy to make to......... you probably have everything you need right there!!! Woo-Hoo!!
All you need is a cup and saucer, how about an old one you can't get rid of because you like it so much, but it has a chip on it, well now you can use it again, "whats old is new"!
~Simply glue the Cup to the Saucer using E-6000 Glue
~Go through those scrap fabrics you just can't part with to cover the top of cup overlapping at least an inch or so wider.
~Cut a circle of fleece, the size of the top of cup.
........ Run a gather stitch all around the circle, close to the edge, as you would when making a yo-yo. Lay circle of fleece on wrong side of fabric (inside) and gently gather circle fabric so that it will fit inside top of cup, but will pop up above it.
~Using Glue Gun, put some glue around the inside of the top of cup, (not on edge, down 1/4 to 1/2 inch below rim)... put about 2 inches of glue then carefully add the gathered top, then more glue and so on. When you have about 3 inches left, stuff it with fiberfill. You might have a bit of a struggle here, because it wants to keep popping out...LOL!
~Start with putting an embellishment around the top of the cup. THIS WAY YOU CAN HIDE ANY BOO-BOO'S YOU MADE, just cover it up!
I put Ruffled Lace, Rhinestones and Pearls around the top of cup. Then just started adding your Treasures, including feathers, boa, buttons, charms, flowers, bows, millenery supplies, birds and the list can go on and on. Just have fun!
This just popped into my head! Why not decorate large Hat Pins by gluing on Flowers and Beads. Well you know what I am going to to when I sign off
I hope you enjoy this fun afternoon project!
p.s. This Shabby Victorian Cup and Saucer is on sale right now in my ebay store, if your interested!
Take care!

For Sale! Caroline The Showgirl Diva Doll

Yes, I really am selling her... She is on auction now in my eBay Store right now! I put her on auction for 7 days starting today April 24th.
So sorry I haven't been able to keep up with my blog. I haven't had time lately due to my husband recovering from surgery. I am happy to say he is coming along.
For those of you who are waiting for my new Cinderella Pattern to come out, all I can say for now is I am working on it and there are tons of pictures. As soon as I get a better idea of when it will be available I will let you know!
Its one of those hot and humid days here in Florida, eeek! The winter was so nice and cold, great for sleeping cuddled up under the blankets... LOL!!
I hope you are all well! Have an awesome weekend!!!!