Thursday, May 31, 2012

She/it finally has a name!

I finally decided on a name for my air dry clay doll, that I created in a class given by  Marlaine Verhelst.

"MERLOT" is the name I came up...

She/it looks to me like an old Vaudville entertainer so I wanted an old name... but the doll wanted the name "Merlot"... if your a doll maker you know the doll somehow lets you
know what it wants, lol!!

Bye for now!
Caroline xxxxxxxxxx

Red Riding Hood Pattern now available


Yes, I finally completed the pattern and it is available at both my etsy and eBay shops!

The Face is included, with easy directions using freezer paper to print the face onto the dolls body fabric, per so many requests.

She is 15" tall with a partial wire armature for standing. I've also included easy directions for making her basket, since I looked high and low for a small wicker basket and couldn't find one.

This is a CD pattern
There are 31 pages of easy to follow, step by step directions with more than 120 color photos, 4 pattern pages, supply list, face page, cover and a resource list.

Thank you for visiting!
Caroline xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finshed my 1st Air Dry Clay Doll

I finally finished my 1st Paper Clay Doll, in an online class given by Marlaine Verhelst (2012).  If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Marlaine, go for it!
She is a great teacher. I learned so much more than I could have imagined, not to mention a new technique to create dolls. This Doll is very different they my usual. I love it/her... not sure what it is, lol!! A fantasy Doll... I'm having a hard time naming this Doll, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)

I sculpted the Head, Hands and Shoes using Paper Clay,  painted using watercolor paint and the body is cloth over wire armature. The costume has a lot of hand work and fancy fabrics. The Doll stands approximately 24" tall.

I lost track of how many hours it took to create this doll. I don't think I would have even started if I knew how long it would take. I have a new respect for paper clay dolls.

Thank you for stopping by:)