Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Nylon Stocking Doll "Rose" Pattern coming soon!

Please meet "Rose" she is my newest creation. She is an older lady and this is her Wedding Night. Her body from head to toe is covered and sculpted in nylon stockings. The face has painted eyes, fake eyelashes, make up and "wrinkles". Her night gown and robe are made with chiffon, and Venice lace with a peek-a-boo opening down the front so you can barely see her belly button, lace panties and lace garter with lace slippers.
She is 18" tall with wire armature. 
I'm working on the pattern now and not sure how much longer it will take. I took over 1,300 pictures while creating her... yes, I may have over done it, but I like to include lots of pictures along with step by step directions in my patterns so this may take a little while. Thanks for visiting! 
Hugs, Caroline

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