Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coming soon!

Hi everyone! First I would like to apoligize for taking so long to post anything! My computer has been acting up, I had to buy a new monitor, then my printer went and I had to buy another one. So I am getting things up and running. Still my computer wants to go very slooow. I can deal with that for now!
I hope everyone is well!
I have been making these very popular 'BUBBLE CHARMS", they are fascinating, but what a pain to get the picture right. I think I've got it now! I am offering them right now in my eBay store @ http://store.ebay/carolines-handmades and shortly I will be offering them in my Etsy store @
I am making 13mm and 15mm Bubble Charms at the moment, plus Bubble Cameos that are 40X30mm. The bubble makes the image look dimensional.
Have a great day! Hugss, Caroline

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