Monday, March 29, 2010

New items on auction now!

Butterfly Fairy Bubble Cameo Pin Brooch/Pendant

Rose Quarts Victorian Heart Shaped Brooch/Pendant

Shabby Victorian Pink Lady Accent Pillow 14x14"

Hello and welcome!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, my husband just came home from having major surgery, so I am spending a lot of my time taking care of him. Every day he gets a little better....
This is just a quick note to keep communications open. I have a few How-to's that I would like to post. As soon as I am able I will... Thanks for your understanding!

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Kir said...

just started making found object art and have been looking for unique brooches to use on my pieces. My first piece I am making ia a tribute piece to my mom who just passed away a few months ago. The peridot brooch with the fairy in the middle is perfect for it. I didn't see a price on it though. Is it still available? Thanks!