Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cinderella Pattern update

I am almost finished with drafting Cinderellas face for the pattern. There are lots of pictures with easy step by step directions. The face takes the most time to do, then it shouldn't be too long before the pattern is completed! WOOHOO:)I have a couple ideas of how to make a Tambourine for my new Doll. If it comes out nice I will put directions on my Blog for you.
I have been designing and creating my One Of A Kind, Victorian inspired Jewelry pieces. I will be posting some of those for you shortly.

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Doll Hugss,


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ruthanne said...

She is wonderful--which I knew and of course want your pattern when ready. I am just starting my other pattern I purchased from you. I will send pictures when I get to a good place. Too hot to work very fast.