Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pasta Angel Ornaments DIY

This are fast, easy and sooo cute...
This is my last one, I made them by the dozens years ago and sold them all... Great seller for craft shows.


Pastas = Rigatoni for body, elbows for arms and bow ties for wings
Wooden ball for head
Wire star garland
Golden thread for hanging
Mini present or tiny charms... musical instruments look great, including a harp
Gold spray paint
Glue gun 
Permanent ink pens for face or paint

Glue arms to body, then wooden head and last the wings using hot glue gun
Line them up in a pan covered with craft or newspaper.... (spray in well ventilated area).
Spray front, let dry, then spray back, let dry.
 Apply hair using glue gun
Attach golden thread or thin ribbon for hanger just below neck area
Make halo using golden wire and glue just below neck
Draw a simple face... it's easier and very cute with closed eyes and heart shaped mouth.
Lastly add the mini gift or charm
That's it... easy and fun... Enjoy!
Merry Christmas,

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