Thursday, May 21, 2009

My NEW Waterfront Property!

Wow, this is unbelievable! I now have waterfront property... LOL
I have never seen so much rain come down so fast. Its not even a tropical storm or hurricane. Our area has had about 2 FEET of rain in just the last 3 days!
This used to be my street and front yard, now its a lake. Even the overhead of our entry way to the house got water inside and we were worried it would collapse!
Today the rain has given us a break and we can see the street again, but not for long we are going to get hit again. I will keep you posted.... Hugss, Caroline

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Kaerie Faerie said...

Sorry, I did the rain dance to fill up the Lakes around here, but we only got a foot, also we are 80 feet above sea level here, I used my GPS for that. Do you need a tow, I know someone who can help you
Actually it is going to stop, and be a beautiful weekend, I promise, no more dancin!!