Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Doll Pattern update

Well, I am workin' my way up.
This is a first for me, because I always start with the dolls face. But this one has a mind of its own. I can't wait to get to the face now.
As you can see she is still a little bit curvy, but not like what I usually do. I tried something different with the leg going up almost to the waist. I kind of like that. This way I can make a sexy outfit with the high cut leg... LOL
When I tell my Mother the doll talks to me, she thinks, well okay Caroline what ever you say.... All the dollmakers I know say there dolls talk to them too... am I right!
The straight leg has a wire in it up through the hip area, so she can stand. The other leg is slightly bent. But I still have no idea whats happening. It keeps it interesting!
I will keep you posted! Hugss, Caroline

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Kaerie Faerie said...

Hey Caroline
she is looking good! Mine start talking as soon as they get a mouth, and the hardest part is deciding what they are going to wear.
Hey check out my blog, it is from your neck of the woods, have you seen them? also check out this comment I got, from Tristan