Monday, January 25, 2010

Cinderella Doll Pattern Update

I worked most of the day Sunday on Cinderellas costume. So far I am very happy and so is she... LOL!
I just love all the layers for her skirt. I used a Vintage lace, that is in the second picutre. I wanted it to show as an underlayer, peeking out on the bottom of the dress. There is a glitter, sparkle tulle underneath, that is meant to catch the eye with just a hint of a sparkle. Then I added a rounded layer, not sure what it is called... duh LOL. I will do all the additional embellishments when the whole dress is made. Thats my favorite part:)
The sleeves so far, are double layered. The under layer is the glitter tulle and the outer is the same lace as the dress. The sleeves are far from finished!
Ooops... she doesn't have a bodice yet, that is because I have so many ideas that I don't know what to do...
The head isn't attached yet since it is so much easier to attach the costume without it. I have lots of ideas on what to do with her hair. I think I am heading for long free natural hair with lots of jewels and flower... we'll see!
Its so fascinating to me, watching my dolls come to life. I always start with an idea, but some how they never turn out that way... LOL!
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Gone said...

Pretty...and fascinating!!

LadyA said...

i love the dress;it's so beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Caroline, she's beautiful!!!


Unknown said...

I really love her costume it is so beautiful Caroline, she is gorgeous...Doris