Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting my newest doll pattern- Cinderella

You guessed it! I found these "glass slippers", and Cinderella came to mind! Not just any Cindrella this one will be very fancy a true Bell Of The Ball. These shoes are actually plastic and they were found in the Wedding section for party gifts. So I measured the shoe to figure out the body size. She will be approximately 20" tall. It will be a Cloth Doll Pattern. I will be posting the progress with pictures as I go.... I already ordered some gorgeous lace through eBay, can't wait to receive it!
The Mermaidens Doll Club I belong to will be testing the body part of the pattern and making runway dolls as a challenge for our club. So I will also be making a runway doll using this pattern. I will keep you posted.


lynda Howells said...

can't wait to see how this one works out! lynda

ruthanne said...

Hi Caroline, I live down the road from you~Palm Bay that is. Love your work.
I had planned to do a Cinderella doll this year. I would love to see you pattern. How long for completion?

Unknown said...

Hi Ruthanne,
Thanks so much!
As far as the pattern being completed, it all depends on if "she" (the doll) co-operates... LOL. So far she is being fussy. I had to redo most of her body. I ran out of the fabric I like to use for the body which is Southern Belle... You can buy it at
I am guessing the body will be complete by the end of this month (January). As I complete and I am happy with the body, I will be posting it on my blog, so please check back.... The custom should take about a month or so to complete. All the detail work I want to put on this doll will take a while...LOL
Thank you for your interest neighbor!